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Help Me Win A Nomination, Please?

+ I have been a member since 2003, with this account since 2004.
+ I am involved in a vast and varied aspects of the LiveJournal community.
+ I believe I would be an excellent proponent for any and all users of LiveJournal, exceedingly so for the users in their twenties.
+ Representation of everyone's interests is my goal.
+ I understand what it feels like to be part of the minority during the issues of day to day life on LJ.

I would love for your support in this campaign for a position on the Advisory Board.

In honor of my nomination, here's two kittens in cups.


Note: I need at least 100 people to "Support This Nomination" to be on the ballot later on. 

Things that I miss:

1. The original opening credit/title to Grey's Anatomy
2. The show 'Dinosaurs'
3. TGI Fridays on ABC
4. Cartoon Network before it sucked
5. EasyBake Ovens and those ovens you make bugs and junk in (Yes, I know they still have them, but they're not the same semi-hazardous, you could burn your fingers off in a second like they used to be )
6. Trick or Treating
7. Back when touching someone else didn't warrant a registration on a sex offender's list, especially when you're in school.
8. Those really old computers from back in the early nineties that only had a screen that showed up in green and you played educational games on them, such as the original Oregon Trail and Number Munchers
9. The big ass floppy discs that you had to use for said computers, where you had to flip that little lever to lock it into place.
10. Elementary school when the biggest pain in the ass was running the mile and having to memorize the state capitals.
11. Good Movies
12. Musicals.
13. Book series, such as Arthur, American Girl, Animorphs, Boxcar Children (I know they still have them, but back in their hay-day)
14. Monthly school Book Orders.
15. Old fashioned playgrounds with rocks and metal and hard wood. None of this safety plastic, foam junk.
16. Disney Princess Movies
17. Old-Fashioned Disney ANIMATED movies.
18. Road trips were good enough
19. Big hair
20. Good music, Classic music
21. Fold-Down Campers

Okay, that's all for now!!!!!

My review in the form of notes (3.04)

Conclusion: This episode was BORING. Apparently there is little to no plot anymore.

I am becoming increasingly disappointed with the visuals, as well. If anything we always had original plots and crazy awesome sets. Not anymore.

My review in the form of notes (3.03)

As to facilitate the non-procrastination of posting these entries, I'm not even going to expand on them. I'll do a quick once over. But I just don't have time to do any deep review like I would like. *sigh*. So, onward:

My review in the form of notes (3.02)

Well, it's crazy late, but here's my 3.02 Supernatural DementedNotes entry!

Somebody's got MY vote

Stephen Colbert Running For President!